Batenborch Goes Nordic by Thomas Runsten

Batenborch Goes Nordic  by Thomas Runsten


1 . The Nordics

The Nordic countries are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe consisting of five countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The Nordic countries share many characteristics on a cultural, historical and linguistic level.

The newest Batenborch office based in Stockholm will cover four countries using local knowledge and a local network to identify new candidates and clients in a region known for its stable economy and highly skilled workforce.

As we do not want to inundate you, our reader, with too many details on the Nordic region, we have limited ourselves to providing you with a summary of the economy situation in Sweden. Not only because it is where Batenborch Nordic is based, but also because it is the biggest economy in the region. Moreover Sweden’s position as one of the world’s most highly developed post-industrial societies looks fundamentally secure. Unemployment is low and the economy strong:

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2. Combing Strong Traditions and Sustainable Development

The above introduction proves that the Nordic region has many interesting assets, but maybe the question remains:

“Why choose the Nordics and why now?”

 Frédéric Lhospied (International Development Leader at Batenborch International) explains: “We have wanted to approach the Nordics for a long time, since the region has a strong innovative company culture, a stable economic growth and is known for its great talents.”

The Nordic countries have a strong tradition of research and innovation as well as a well-developed traditional and digital infrastructure. The region offers a business-friendly environment with access to a dynamic market. Information exchange is characterized by accessibility, openness and transparency.

In addition, the region is well advanced in terms of green technology which is predicted to become one of the key competitive factors in the future global market. Efforts are also being made to create sustainable development in the region on various levels: socially, economically and environmentally.


3. Batenborch Nordics

“High-flyers are normally rare. To find one is our passion. That’s what we do” –

Dominique Dierckxsens (CEO Batenborch International)

Batenborch International wants to be the most trusted name in Marketing & Sales Recruitment, Executive Search and Interim Management. With this vision in mind  the establishment of Batenborch Nordic should be seen as a strategic move enabling Batenborch to offer a broader geographic reach for clients and candidates alike.

Thomas Runsten (Batenborch Nordic founder and partner): “We noticed to need for a straightforward recruitment specialist in the region and together with Batenborch International we can now offer the Nordic market a partnership outside the Nordics. Vice versa it’ll now be easier for the global market to find its way to the Nordics.”

In other words, Batenborch Nordic has the knowledge to build a strong network in the region.


 4. Batenborch Nordics: The Team

The team in Stockholm – led by Thomas Runsten – consists of highly skilled professionals with expertise and experience in one of Batenborch’s five practice areas (Consumer, Industry, ICT, Services, Health Care).

Thomas Runsten

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