A Personalized Company Website, but What About The Career Site ?

A Personalized Company Website, but What About The Career Site

Today’s World Wide Web market has become more and more competitive. Websites ceaselessly compete for (recurrent) visitors. Therefore it is now increasingly important for companies to distinguish themselves from their ‘neighbor’ and provide customers with an interactive, personal web experience.

As a result of social media, web visitors gather more information than ever. With access to more information and choices, lower prices and better products have become minimum requirements.  From this trend, the following question arises: “How can marketers create a compelling customer proposition and stand out in the crowd?”

Many companies have personalized their website in order to gather data and to attract visitors. Furthermore, they use these data to create a compelling experience. An experience which encourages the customer to react and to return.

Some companies accelerate in personalizing their website like BP. In 2010, BP had the worst possible media attention, but they used it well by introducing transparent and straightforward newsflashes about the disaster which attracted more visitors. In addition, they created a clear and easily navigable website. When looking at other personalized company websites (e.g. Unilever, KLM,…), it becomes apparent that these easy navigable, informative and smart-looking websites are now a common feature. However, some are bringing personalization to another level by introducing the following:

  • Analyzing website and purchase behavior

Visitors can be registered with new eye-movement technology.

  • Real-time marketing

Speed matters. The longer you wait, the greater the chance you loose the sale to a competitor.

A speedy, personalized response is crucial.

  • One-to-one interaction

Integrate a real person to answer possible questions or to guide prospects and customers through their orientation process.

  • Incorporating content, education and personality

Since these visitors are typically in the research phase, leveraging existing content – such as calculators & wizards, buying guides, how to videos and reviews – will help them in their decision-making process.

Attracting visitors is one thing, attracting potentially new employees is another challenge. Since companies want the best candidate on the market, they increasingly use their website to attract top candidates. Today’s corporate site for career opportunities provide extensive information for the potentially new employee. However, when looking in depth at these career sites, the focus lies on broadcasting information about company values, organization & strategy, career opportunities and the recruitment process to all who are curious or interested. So much for the personalized approach or the possibility to start a real-time dialogue between the candidate and the company. We browsed the web for great examples of personalized corporate career sites, but found none.

Hence why our questions to you are: “Does the personalized corporate career site exist? If so, does it make a difference in the hiring process?”